Thursday, November 20, 2008

hello Mr Blog

Well hello Mr. Blog - I say this greeting as no one else looks like visiting so I don't want the virtual alogerithms to get lonely, depressed or feel neglected. Am I talking about Mr. Blog or myself? Gawd knows!
Jolly old John Sergeant has lost none of his political nous - nice coupe mate. I expect that all those years rubbing shoulders with the teflon t**ts we call politicians has paid off rather handsomely. Wodner what his fee for an after dinner speech costs now?
The Eva Cassidy Story tour has now finished and we will begin the process (me and the producer) of renegotiating the about to expire performance licence. This may (will) become a little fractious but I have little doubt we will come to some accomodation at some point.
It is all rather disappointing that no one seems to pay me a virtual visit and I have set up a c omplementary blog on my space ---- site for those on the network is my space Brian B. Langtry. few tunes on there also.
Talking ot tunes have been busy writing and recording for my new "record" (still struggling with CD never mind MP3) and all progressing admirably. Been trying to dig up money to fund a CD recording of a play originally written for Radio 4 but never broadcast which tells the painful story of The Great Whitwick Pit Disaster (Whitwick is near Coalville in Leicestershire) of 1898 where 35 miners lost their lives in the County's worst mining accident. True to form nobody showing any interest so will go ahead self funding as it is a project I feel strongly about and it will give me something to do for the next 6 months.
No movement with the West End project but met with the producer 3 weeks ago and seems things are still crawling forward. Mate of mine asked me to play bass with him and his son in a Lonnie Donnegan tribute act. Should be an interesting ride on the Midnight Special all the way to The Big Grand Coolee Dam stopping off on route to Pick a Bale of Cotton and having a drink with Tom Dooley! Good stuff.
Anyway meeting an avid Eva fan tonight for a pint sao see yah soon(ish).

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