Wednesday, July 9, 2008

second attempt

Here we go again! I've just spent a half hour composing an update which disappeared into into cyber space as I published it!! That's the trouble with these things, bloody frustrating.
Anyway have been struck down by 'blogblight' last couple of months as dejection set in over the lack of postings. Still let no assert that playwrights are not tenacious in the face of adversity so here we go.
The last Eva Cassidy tour was a blast on all sides - great shows, great audiences, Reta royalties (oh well 2 out of 3 ain't bad as they say")and am looking forward to rehearsals in August for what will be the 8th tour and during the 3 months it will be back in Jersey a place I never tire of visiting as it has many memories for myself and my wife. Delighted that Faye Tozer is once again playing the lead role and almost all of the previous cast have been re recruited which is always a bonus for continuity of excellence.
An exciting project for 2009 is still on track and it is on this blog that the first announcements will be made - exciting or what! Well it'll be nice for me to read anyway. If that isn't a reason to post your comments then I don't know what is! sorry slipping into the realms of fantasy again - slapped wrist.
Have had a quiet couple of months as far as writing is concerned most of my efforts having been directed at updates to the Eva script, similar attention to the script for the "exciting announcement" so mentioned above, and dealing with the workload from the 'oneactplays' website which has been doing well of late. Bought a new car - Saab 93 Vector Sport - which we are enjoying - but my driving has been extremely constrained by an arm which is so slowly getting better. This recovery helps lifting a pint pot or wine glass much easier than having to bend down to the counter and sip through a straw which is not only acutely embarrassing but extremely bad for the back. Gawd almighty what it is to be of a certain age!
Anyway lets hope I can successfully post this and , who knows, maybe someone will actually read it! Such things are dreams made of.