Wednesday, March 19, 2008

back in the world of the living!

well the lurgie seems to meandered into stratosphere and things are looking brighter. I had a call from a writer yesterday asking about publication and he is sending me his work for consideration of publishing on the website. Anyone else out there in blogland interested in sending stuff check out the websites - and I don't claim to be the next publishing phenomenon but I can at least put stuff out there in cyberspace. Sales are as you might guess unpredictable and you won't make much cash but then what playwright except those at the top of the tree worried about that.
The legless site is mainly aimed at the pro market but also showcases full length work suitable for both the pro end and the amateur market and the oneactplays is aimed primarily at the societal drama groups.
Did a radio broadcast last week for the Eva Cassidy show in Leicester, enjoyed it and it makes a change for the writer to be invited instead of the 'stars'! Had to duck out of a free evening in Birmingham hosted by 'The Writers Guild' due to a dodgy knee which is affecting my driving just at the moment. I don't know how many of you out there subscribe to the Guild but one of my ongoing beefs is their total neglect of the commercial end of theatre i.e. the producing houses in the unfunded world of course is where, for all of my sins, I choose to work. There's a gap out there for someone to fill so come on all you similarly minded writers lets get together and form us an association. Silly me there's already one in existence isn't there, it's called the unemployment register! Seriously though a forum on the net where us bods could meet (or virtually meet to be precise) would be 'bosting' - that is Black Country slang for 'brilliant'!
Anyway now intending to rest from writing once the latest play is completed and concentrate on recording my CD for the benefit of all those grandchildren and friends out there desperately awaiting receipt of the said CD!!!!
Bye for now.

Monday, March 3, 2008

one great one good!

Hi again and welcome to the magical and mundane world of the playwright. Went to catch up on my Eva Cassidy Story at Lichfield Garrick on Friday and Saturday. Friday was stunning, a perfect performance and true harmonisation of sound, acting and technical bits - the only whinge I still have relates to some detail in costuming. Saturday was an excellent performance again by the cast - the lead male Reuben has grown into the role superbly and the whole ensemble exudes a focus and energy alongside a belief which together produces a sparkling and electric audience experience. Well done guys and see you again in the near future.
I've had a tough few weeks being struck down by a wave of lurgie which has befuddled my brain (I do realise that such a state is not a too challenging task to achieve) and rendered my ability to write to linger in a morass of lacklustre creative instincts. It's also left me feeling excessively tired in a way that is the equivalent of being permanently hungover. Am now slowly emerging and have some considerable stuff to catch up on so, fingers crossed, am in for a busy 2/3 weeks or so.
Had coffee this morning with two old and gracious friends of mine also still in the entertainment business and always with a thousand bogglingly funny anecdotes to tell. If you're around the Midlands and ever see a billboard sporting the name "Dandy" drop everything and make sure you catch the gig. Unquestionably the funniest act within 50 miles of Birmingham and likely much farther. Why they're not a household name remains one of those ridiculously stupid conundrums which are too painful to ponder.
I expect Eva fans will know that the film of her life story is in pre-production with an American company headed by the daughter of Robert Redford. Lets all hope that it comes to fruition (only something like 5% of films which enter pre-production ever make it to celluloid - God that's give my age away in this digital age) and can thus bring Eva's music to a so far completely deaf American audience to whom her name means zilch. The Eva show producer and I went to Washington a few years ago to meet up with people who had known her. We went to a small town called Bowie where she spend the majority of her pre and teenage years and narry a soul had ever heard of her. When you mention the U.K. and Europe phenomena they smile politely muttering "Gee is that right, well have a nice day and thank you for asking." Even at her old secondary school -The Robert Goddard School- we could only find an administrator and a teacher who remembered her and there is not a single refernce to her anywhere within the establishment. This is kind of odd as American schools usually hook into the most minor of old pupil's achievements like flies to s*** creating exotic and reverent homages for all to see. Weird! Incidentally the teacher I mentioned was in fact an old friend of Eva and played with her in several bands. Sadly he did not wish to talk to us but that whole scenario is a blog for another day - or year!!

Question - Before the programme starts how can you know 'who dun it' in any of today's detective flicks?
Answer - Check out who's the most famous guest co star and you'll have your answer. It never fails!
See you soon.