Saturday, January 26, 2008

short changed!!!!

well it's saturday the 26th and part payment of monies owed arrived in the post!! this is so tedious - I wonder how many others there are out there who experience similar problems with production companies? let me know.
the eva cassidy tour kicks off next week which i'm looking forward to and have just completed the usual last minute re-writes and mailed them off to the rehearsal rooms at the premises in hackney. funny how after 6 tours i'm still rewriting stuff but heck it' keeps the grey cells turning. now to concentrate on 'tilly girls' the new play written with my mate rich parkes so the phone is going to get warm over the next month ringing potential producing companies.

todays controversial question - how many producers does it take to mend the central heating? answer: none they produce sufficient hot air not to have to mend the system!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

hi it's Wednesday 24th Jan. Am getting irritated as I continue to wait for owed royalties from a production company - this has been promised since Sept. 07 and I've lost count of the number of phone calls and "I'll sort it" responses!!!
On a more positive note I've just signed off a new one act play which I'm intending to put into the risky world of a theatre competition and will sign off this within the next week or so an exciting new comedy co-written with my collaborative friend Rich Parkes. Hoping to find a home for it with a producer but who knows. One thing's for sure it's a damn sight easier to write them than place them.
Off to Hull next week for the opening of the 6th Eva Cassidy tour so will be popping in on the show over the next 3 months to keep an eye on things. Further tour details and follow the links to Eva Cassidy. A truly magnificent singer and it would be crass to say that there is a singer alive who get display the eclecticism, power, voice control, creative song arranging and versatility but I have to say ex Steps vocalist Faye Tozer who is starring in the role does a truly fantastic job.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Also wondering if any playwrights around Leicestershire would be interested in meeting up for some stimulating conversation and even more stimulating beer???

playwright page

I've been writing for theatre for some 10 years having taken up the scribe after a serious illness that rendered it impossible for me to continue my part time gigging music career (I use 'career' here in it's broadest sense). I work in the field of commercial theatre and host 2 publishing sites - and aimed at giving new writers an outlet for their work.
Recent successes - "Over the Rainbow - The Eva Cassidy Story" about to start it's 6th national and European tour (opening Hull New Theatre 30th Jan. 08) and "The Billie Holiday Story" co-written with my friend Len Holden, two national and Europe tours in 2007. Fingers crossed new musical coming out (planned for West End) October 08 and a comedy to tour Feb 09.
I'm interested in getting discussion, hints, swapping ideas, possible collaborative offers, tips, moans and groans, making links and hearing from others who struggle in this artistic format.

First provocative question - is the title 'producer' a euphemism for Arthur Daley? Come on now gimmee, gimmee, gimmee!!

Second provocative question - funded theatre is full of arty up your backside types? Ooops I sense raised hackles at this!!
Come on now make this blog "the must post it site"......I'm waiting.