Wednesday, May 7, 2008

only the lonely

Great song great singer. It's a pity blogs wern't around when the Big O was in fine voice as this blog would have been the perfect encapsulation of the lyrical content! If this was not all in the virtual world I would swear I was needing to take more frequent showers or change my after shave balm! Still as one door closes another slams shut in your face as they say. Never mind I remain optimistic that eventually I will get a blog visitor....really I am.
Read a piece about the footballer Ian Wright bemoaning his role as a soccer pundit and feeling that he was merely the symbolic multi cultural jester and he did not intend to continue with that part of his career.He was also irate about the convential dress of his fellow pundits messrs Hanson and Lawrenceson (not sure about the spelling) and felt the whole show needed an update. Sure we could have Amy Whinehouse co-hosting with old man Pete and a bunch of fans selected by a panel of reputed experts who's only reason for appearing on such a show would be to enhance their celebrity ratings. The point is we don't need Hanson and co (although I do have a soft spot for the inoffensively bland Gary Linnaker) and we don't need some plonker of a celeb to drool spittle and alcohol as he/she launches his/her considerd opinion upon the Match of the Day viewing public. Fact is we don't need anyone - is there anyone on this planet of ours who does not immediately rach for the mute button once the so called 'analysis' commences. Yeah Alan we can see he 'splays the ball out to the right and the covering centreback is dragged out of positioon creeating........." Blah blah blah I vote we give it all to Bart Simpson - we'd get a sight more sense out of him that our expert pundits. "He pulls the ball back across the edge of the area, jinks, wrongfoots the the back player who's having a nighmare, neat little shimmy and it's in the top corner"........we've got eyes you moron we can see it on our screens!!!!!!