Thursday, August 28, 2008

wondrous sounds

Purchased a wonderful new guitar a couple of weeks back. I've been looking for a quality hand made english instrument and came across a couple of A1 reviews for Brook Guitars. Investigation told me that the waiting time from order to delivery was 12-14 months which speaks volumes for quality but hey how can any self respeting musician (and I use the term loosely) wait for that length of time to get their hands on a collection of stuck together wooden bits which will provide hours of drooling. Not this one anyrate! The company have only 3 dealers and I visited Intersound of Dursely where I was warmly welcomed and provided with coffee and lashings of muso bon hommie. I tried 5 or 6 of the Brook models and another 4/5 of high quality alternatives but hey when those magical sound waves that are emitted from the Brook Tamar (they're made in Devon and all models are named after Devon rivers) meander around the shop and into your lugholes there's no going back, no way - handed over my hard won lukka and exited shop door grinning from ear to ear. I swear my playing has improved ninefold - joke.
In just over 10 days the rehearsals start for the next tour of my musical play "The Eva Cassidy Story" and I'm very much looking forward to that and the ensuing tour. For tour details Also had a productive meeting last week with a London company for an imminent deal on a new musical play for launch Aug 09 and a West End debut in early 09. Hey not bad for an old timer who's only been writing for 7 years - well someone even if its youra truly has to give me a pat on the head and a rub of the ego right?
Another piece of good news today my childhood team - as they say in Lancashire there are 2 teams in Manchester, Manchester City and Manchester City reserves(god bless their little cotton socks) scraped through their Eufa qualifier and into the tournament proper. Big stroke boys but not in the bath! Also tonight had the unfortunate experience of listening to the most doleful and boring, he of the turnip head variety, commentating on the Villa match. I used to think Mark Lawrenson was bad but stone me he is brilliant compared to this guy. He was so bad I can't at this moment in time recall his name which speaks volumes for his incompetance and my encroaching dementia!! Was it Gordon Taylor?
See ya soon.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A surprise!

Well another month or so has slipped by and I'm in the midst of tinkering and mini rewrites for the forthcoming tour of my Eva Cassidy Story which opens in Barrow -wow!- in Furness and then trundles around the U.K. and Ireland til early November. It's looking good with Faye Tozer again playing Eva but Irish songstress Rose Marie is playing Eva's mother for this- and hopefully the next tour. It's a strong line up and I'm looking forward to it particularly as all rehearsals will be in Kettering rather than than hole of a place they call our capital city. I detest London with a vengeance.
It's still looking good for my next big adventure which is a musical play set in the 60's and 70's and pencilled for a short regional tour next August and into thence into the West End. Not bad for a boy who failed 'O' level GCE English literature eh? Also submitted a I act play to a festival in Derbyshire about W.W. 1. War is hardly my favourite subject matter but I'm happy that it manages to say something about ordinary people caught up in what must have been the most terrible of situations as trench warfare decimated so many lives.
A friend rang me last night bearing a pleasant surprise. He is on a short break in Criccieth N. Wales and was muching around Cobb Records which has an international presence on the rare and strange 'vinyl' . Ploughing through the piles of albums he came across a signed copy of a Giggetty album called Tambourine - Giggetty is the folksy band I formed back in 1970 whilst running a folk club in a village called Wombourne just south of Wolverhampton - and who, in a very different, and sad, guise are still pottering around the Midlands. There was an early Beatles album for £14,Elvis stuff etc and but Tambourine (recorded completely in a single day on 4 track) was the most expensive on display at £35. My mate asked about this and was informed that it is a highly collectible album and much prized. I have been told of other albums (we recorded 5) appearing on eBay and going for around £40-£50 and I bitterly regret having dumped so many copies of these various albums due to lack of space and such like over the years. Still it was a nice little pick me up on a wet dismal summers evening.
Well that's all for now see ya!