Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas is coming

Hello again. Been a quiet couple of past months in which I got down to some song recording having experienced one of my dips in enthusiasm for writing theatre. Usual hassles after a tour - where's my dosh!!
Have been rehearsing with a Lonnie Donegan (gives ones' age away somewhat eh) tribute band - The Johnnie Lonegan Trio - and loving every minute of it. Playing bass is just what I needed and even the paucity of my guitar skills can manage this although I have to say that "Don't you rock me Daddio" has a very fast rolling bass which is something of a challenge but one to which I will rise. We made some preliminary recordings for marketing purposes last week and even though I say it myself they sound PDQ due in a large part to my 2 colleagues John on guitar and voice and Carl the amazing ans sympathetic drummer.
Have a few irons warm in a few fires but all awaiting comebacks. Read a piece in "Sound on Sound" by a TV music writer bemoaning the low status of the trade of
musician as far as peoducers and commissioning editors are concerned. Course this resonates loudly with me and I suspect it is exactly the same for creative artists of any genre - painting, photography, writer etc. All that seems to matter in my line of work is actors and directors the writer coming in ssomewhere behind the lighting technician. Not that I have anything but the best of appreciation for lighting guys but ikt is actually the writer who is the bedrock of the show and not the director who in almost every situation merely uses the ideas and stage directions of the writer to transform into a living experience. There is of course a skill in this but having done my fair share of directing hand on heart i can say that the creative process involved in directing pales into insignificance in terms of the conceptual and innovative process involved in the writing. In short the actors piggy back on the writer and the director piggybacks on both the writer and the actors. The producer smkikes a big fat cigar and huffs and puffs about his own creative abilities - bo***cks!
U tube video now almost finished and hope to post on time achedule mid January
Very pleased with a session I had in the week with a guy who gave me a grounding in "Cubebase" as I've been wanting to get to grips with software based recording for some time. Whether I will hibernate from my hard disk set up in the end remains to be seen but I am intending to use this method with my next project which is to make a CD recording of a particularly dramatic one act play of mine which I may have mentioned previously is based upon the Whitwick Mining Disaster of 1898 here in leicestershire.
Well enough for now -p toodloo.

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