Friday, October 17, 2008


Well I never. Good oldRio Ferndinand (he of the "oh I forgot to go for my dope test 3 times") has now, after 3 years cogitation, arrived at the conclusion that the England soccer time sufferred in the Euro Championship as a result of the celebrity circus and 'wag' mania. Boy oh boy that's insight for you!In another 3 years maybe he'll grow a further chromosome to attach to the other pair!
Don't you just hate this celebrity (euphemism for deadbeat) stuff. Why don't we just cart them off to some deserted shore and let them get on with 'dressing each other naked', 'espousing that 'they'r worth it', and poncing around in perfectly good jeans (well at £200 a shot they should be) with the a*se ripped out.
Have spent some time joining myspace and have uploaded my first batch of songs. Am enjoying the music stuff and it's once again coming to the resue of the blight of 'playwright overload.'
Eva Cassidy Story looking great and am off to Peterborough tomorrow to catch up. It's a satisfying feeling watching something you created take place - it would now be nice to get some of the owed money off the producer though!!
Anyway onwards and upwards as they say.
toodle ooo!

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