Thursday, October 2, 2008

it's along way to norwich

"It's a long way to Norwich" Could that just be a song title? Naah doesn't quite cut it like Tipperary does it? Rather like 'the Wolverhampton Linesman' or 'By the time i get to Swindon'. Have to keep working on that.
Eva went terrific in Norwich -1200 people on their feet at the end was a very satisfying sight. The guys did well and are as i write in the lovely island of Jersey for 3 days. Have fun guys.
Can TV get any worse i ask myself. the short answer is 'yes it can'. Everything is an imitation of the current 'big' thing. Isn't everyone p****d off with dramas about relationships going astray, dysfunctional families, 3rd rate comedy shows - thank god for the re runs of Frasier and the Simpsons - good on you Bart!
CD is coming on well and i'm recording with the very talented Tracey Dare at the weekend who is adding a duet part to a couple of numbers. I find music very therapeutic after the trials and frustrations of the theatre business. Waiting for responses from producers is like 'waiting for godo' to the power 100.
"oneactplays" going well this year after a somewhat lean 2007 and am working on launching a new site - twoactplays - to feature full length stuff aimed at the amateur market whilst retaining "leglessproductions" for the pro stuff. Also about to start filing for the u-tube video of "Big Mack" a song Johnny Cash would almost certainly have recorded were the great man still with us.
anyway almost time to get in the car and mosey on down to dorset so see yah!!

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